Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Young Goodman Brown Page 10

Here and below is a four-page sequence from my adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown." The art is by Khanh Ong. 


jim kosmicki said...

I'm not sure that I like this -- I just taught YGB a few weeks ago, and I don't remember the old lady as reacting like that -- she's a bit surprised, but it's supposed to be that the mysterious character is an old friend that she's surprised to see. I'm also a bit concerned that it's being quite so obvious about the mysterious character being the devil. The art is solid though. How many pages do you have for this story?

Hobby Jones said...
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Hobby Jones said...

Here's Hawthorne's description of the scene:

Accordingly the young man turned aside, but took care to watch his companion, who advanced softly along the road until he had come within a staff's length of the old dame. She, meanwhile, was making the best of her way, with singular speed for so aged a woman, and mumbling some indistinct words--a prayer, doubtless--as she went. The traveller put forth his staff and touched her withered neck with what seemed the serpent's tail.

"The devil!" screamed the pious old lady.

"Then Goody Cloyse knows her old friend?" observed the traveller, confronting her and leaning on his writhing stick.

The only thing real difference is that in the comic he touches her neck with the head of the staff, rather than the tale. Maybe the dialogue is it a bit on the nose, but that comes straight from Hawthorne (other than "Eh? Who's there?" which I have to admit is my on interpolation).

Thanks for your comments!

The graphic adaptation of the story is 30 pages long.